Skirts ‘n’ Wolves

Booksa, 2018. Photo by Jelena Bolkovac.

Homepage of Vesna Kurilić, writer and werewolf loving, skirt-making librarian.

For tips and tricks on larp, cosplay and writing, check out the blog! For more info about the author, get one of her favourite cosplay pics + some random info here. And while we’re at it, come meet the resident furry (and clawy) writer’s assistant over at instagram.

Short stories in English, free online:
The Spouses’ Story (SFERA award in 2012) in Parsek 125
The War Mother in Parsek 131 (The Ranger Paraversum setting, stand-alone)

Currently working on:
Editing the Izazov krvi sequel: chapter 12 of 19
Writing the Third Werewolf Novel: current wordcount 52981 on July 31st, 2019