New to Larp?

Hi there! And welcome to the realm of wolves in skirts. Larpers qualify for the greetings, too. Skirts are optional.

There’s a ton of definitions for “larp”, “larping”, “live action roleplaying” and so on – but I’m a firm believer of keeping things short. Larping is a social hobby which mostly consists of roleplaying a previously chosen character in a physical surrounding – that is, you have to get up from that table and actually move around. It’s similar to improv theatre, but also psychodrama (depends on the player’s choices and the game’s design) – and there’s no audience. You co-players are both your co-actors and your props (not as literally as it sounds). Larps are basically games, but they can also be an art form, educational tools and an aid in self-introspection.

If you’re interested in larping or are just starting to get involved (awesome!), here’s a few tips roundups from the SnW blog wich you might find useful. There’s a ton more where that came from – so you might want to check the list again in a few weeks time. Or just enjoy the beginners category.

Ten Quick Tips for Your First Larp

A Quintet of Larping Prejudice

The Seams of Destiny a.k.a. Your First Larp Outfit

I Wanna Go Back to Tamriel – Dealing With PLD

Larping And Reading And Theory, Oh My

Hungry Pandas a.k.a. Weekend Larps

Oh, and then there was the Larping for Couples ebook – be sure to check it out!

If you’re new to the blog, be my guest and scroll down some of my so far favourite articles.

Being a Larper

How to Plan a Mystery Trip For Your Pack

Trust Your Partner Or Go Home

The Fanlarp

Roleplaying Spiritual And Religious Characters

If you want to know more about the wolf behind the blog, you’re on the wrong page. If you’re still wondering (about larp or life in general), be sure to google great larp groups in your region (I can recommend Terrible Creations in Croatia) and get in touch with them.

There are no stupid questions about larp. Repeat after me – there are no stupid questions about larp. We were all newbies once – me as recently as 2011.

Enjoy your time at the SnW blog archive and all best in your larping adventure!

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