Izazov krvi (the book)

One of the first Izazov krvi books ever in print! Pic by MBP.

Yeah, yeah, just on the verge of turning 30 I’ve finally realized a lifelong dream of publishing a novel (hard copy! print! has its own ISBN and all that jazz!) with a not inconsiderate amount of help from a few very dedicated individuals.

The book is for now available in Croatian only. If you’re looking about info about the book, follow this link (in Croatian) and if you’re interested in having me talk about the book at your local library/bookstore/book café, drop me a note or get in touch via Goodreads. I’m especially fond of book groups and would be very glad to attend your club’s meeting if you’re interested.

Get the book! (Croatia only)

I’m honoured to note that the novel Izazov krvi has been awarded two Croatian speculative fiction awards for young adult novels in 2018 – the SFERA award in Zagreb in May, 2018 and the Artefakt award in Rijeka in October, 2018.


Past events:

Book group guest author: ČkČk, Rijeka City Library, March 28th, 2018 (CRO)
Istrakon 2018, Pazin (CRO)
Gimnazija Andrije Mohorovičića, Rijeka, March 15th
FantaSTikon 2018, March 16-18th, Split (CRO)
Book group guest author: Na margini, Rijeka City Library, March 24th, 2018 (CRO)
Rijeka Librarian Association meetup, Feb 22, 2018
Zagreb, Jan 31, 2018, at Booksa
Rijeka City Library, Nov 17th, 2017 Read moresee full album
Narodna knjižnica i čitaonica Delnice, Nov 9th, 2017
Rikon 2017
SFerakon 2017

Talking about the book! (Croatian only) from MojaRijeka.hr

…or, the story of how we’ve kinda sorta promised to send in the first draft of No. 2 (so far: “Fist Full of Blood) by October 17th! Booksa, Zagreb; Jan 31st, 2018
Rijeka City Library implosion! (Nov 17th, 2017)
Rikon 2017 book signing. Photo by Marin Rukavina

Cover by the talented Aleksandar Žiljak.

Author bio / here
Book cover / here
Author photo / here (by Marin Rukavina)
Author photo – in cosplay / here (by Marin Rukavina)

Note: the previous e-book available through this page, Larping for couples, is still free for download here.

I’ve only recently remembered two of my short stories are available online, in English, for your reading pleasure!

The Spouses’ Story (SFERA award in 2012.) in Parsek 125
The War Mother in Parsek 131 (The Ranger Paraversum setting, stand-alone)

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