Current Projects

Late in 2020, I’m working on…

The Ranger ParaversUM, book two: GIRLS IN BLACK

What it is: Lesbian dieselpunk (lovecraftian) mystery set in an alternate 1945.

What it isn’t: Written. Yay for NaNo 2020!

Release date: March 3rd, 2021.

Čopor Rački, book two: (the mess currently known as) Werewolf Novel no.2

What it is: More characters, more drama, more quaint Croatian towns in late Austro-hungarian Empire!

What it isn’t: Edited after my editor’s input.

Expected publication date: 2021?

Čopor Rački, book three: (the mess currently known as) Third Werewolf Novel

What it is: Snježana making a lot of mistakes and still somehow being the most badass character I’ve ever written. This time, in the city of Rijeka!

What it isn’t: Coherent and historically accurate.

Expected publication date: Sometimes after book two, I presume.