Current Projects

Stuff adds up. If you’re interested in any details, you can always drop me a note at, and we’ll see what I can do about relaying fractured ideas and fragmented dialogue bits to someone other than my keyboard.

In editing

The unnamed Izazov krvi sequel, set in late 1874 in the small town of Klana (at the time, an Istrian municipality). The initial wordcount has surpassed the first novel (43,8k) on March 14th, and the principal draft (can we call it wordography?) was done at 9:33 AM on Tuesday, March 26th. (A-HA!) To-do list: edit the primary copy (I’ve got a few… [to be edited later] details to fix. But mostly details.), send it out to my editor and two beta readers, fix it, and work with the publisher on the post-production (we’re already talking about it). And, most importantly: start writing the next thing!

Starting in early April 2019:

Since February I’ve been playing around with ideas for a certain Vojna krajina paranormal historical MM romance/adventure series (*crickets*), based on an old short story idea (yeah, right, aha) about the service of werewolf soldiers in the (16th and 17th century) military defense region between the Ottoman Empire and the Habsburg Monarchy. (Wanna guess which country was right at the centre of the region? Yay, Croatia!) The morning of final plotting for the last few scenes of the Izazov krvi sequel (it was March 15th, 2019) I’ve realized that the idea No. 8 might be just what I need to recover from the emotional rollercoaster ride of the last few chapters of said sequel. It has Austrian military officers serving as fort captains a long way from home, werewolf spy/intelligence patrols, border disputes between several warring nations and the colorful background of endless karst fields in the Balkan region way before pesky inventions like electricity and the steam engine. It has, also, zero ex-lovers drama, zero “are you gonna/are you not gonna turn your partner” drama, and, most importantly, zero heartbroken writers. I hope.

Further ideas in Čopor Rački (working translation Quarnaro Wolves):

Brigitte’s tale (working title) – a MFM tie-in novella for Izazov krvi – in English! Set at the end of 1874 in Rijeka, between Izazov krvi and its sequel. Currently frozen at a Very Serious Scene waiting to be picked up again after the Scene that Took Two Months to (Not) Write, at 29,500 words. It revolves around a few new characters (some of which appear both in Mrkopalj, below, and the full sized sequel) and it’s a bit problematic. For this one, I went back to my first working style (and still my favourite one) – get some ideas in my head and then write whatever comes next. On hold until I finish the full sequel, though – this story is a sort of a carrot thing for me, so it has to wait until I’ve earned it!

The unnamed Izazov krvi third (and final) part. I’ve laid the basic plot out (a pretty satisfactory process, I might add) in a few days in early March of 2019, and the first chapter is actually already done! This story, in a way, became suddenly relevant the moment I’d realized the first draft of the second novel was almost over. The idea of having a third, full novel in the series to wrap it up with a bow (or a silver bullet) as a trilogy thus became a not so distant, but actually quite manageable idea. This time, we’ve got Snježana, the main character from the first two novels, and Brigitte (from the Tale, above, who also happens to be the one with quite a few POV pages in the second novel), working together against a backdrop of their many differences to stop a broody (but extremely cunning) villain whose reign reached its peak in 1875 Rijeka. Yeah, it’s my hometown – and yeah, this is the first time I’m going back to writing a story set in it after nine years. It’s going to be fun. (Also, apparently, quite a bit darker than I’d have previously guessed. We’ll see how that works out.)

Frostbitten Dark in Mrkopalj (quite… a working title) – a tie-in (prequel) MM novella in Croatian for Izazov krvi, set sometime around 1865 in Mrkopalj, one of the towns in the Gorski kotar region. The main characters are Kuzma from Izazov krvi, and a new one of Mrkopalj origin (who did make their first appearance in the above mentioned longer works, in the end, because I’ve… forgotten all about this story and I’ve been guilt tripping about not writing the actual full-length sequel for almost two years now?). This one is all outlined and I’ve got the first few scenes sketched out. The only thing I’m still really missing is the exact nature of the Big Bad Frosty Adversary lurking in the Matić poljana locale. We’ll cross that field when we get there.

Also, somewhere during the inconspicuous Sunday of February 17th, 2019 (Sundays are the worst), two of the new characters from the Izazov krvi WIP sequel apparently decided they wanted to hijack the author into planning for two other tie-in novellas in English (one FF, one MM), and now they’re kinda sorta bumping around in the back of my brain. Mostly bumping into their prospective romantic interests. One of whom might be related to another character from the second part, but… you know what, just let me get back to the new KJ Charles, thank you very much, ‘kay bye.

In the Ranger Paraversum setting (following two short stories published in 2014 and 2016):

An unnamed Ranger Paraversum trilogy, FF (working title: Rangerove djevojke). Based on an idea from 2014, which, for some reason, in late 2018 decided to come back and haunt the author. And then I went all like “but you’ve always wanted to do something in dieselpunk”, and “you still cry at the V-day scene in The First Avenger” and in late February 2019 I’ve already had three doc files and two excel sheets of plot and character backgrounds and all the ways two people can hurt each other while they’re falling in love in an alternate 1945 Rijeka (while none of them is called Cathy). Ps. Yeah, it’s a parallel-universe setting inspired by Croatian Baroque painters (and werewolves – although none are planned in this story). Why, did you think it could be anything else? Also, at this moment, I’m planning on starting to write the story on July 16th, 2019. We’ll see, yeeees, we’ll seee…

The Wolf Rider, a MF novella which could quite possibly feature in the Ranger Paraversum (who am I kidding – it’s right there), written in 2015, and waiting for revision-cum-translation. (Meaning, I get it out every few weeks and ponder why I ever did think this was a good idea. Oh, and then I remember – muscles.)