Current Projects

Stuff adds up. If you’re interested in details, you can always drop me a note at Umm, yeah.

In October and November 2018 I’m working on:

Brigitte’s tale (working title) – a tie-in novella for Izazov krvi – in English! Set in the end of 1874 in Rijeka. It started out quite nicely, let’s hope I can keep up the pace… It revolves around a few new characters (some of which appear both in Mrkopalj, below, and the full sized sequel) and it’s, hopefully, going to be a bit problematic. It got bumped up the writing queue due to a bit of editorial wizardry (and a keen eye for calls for submission) by Mihaela Marija Perković. For this one, I’m going back to my first working style (and still my favourite one) – got some ideas in my head, and then I write whatever comes next.

Track the progress of Brigitte’s Tale over at NaNoWriMo, here.

Next in line (early 2018):

Frostbitten Dark in Mrkopalj (quite… a working title) – a tie-in (prequel) novella for Izazov krvi, set sometime around 1865 in Mrkopalj, one of the towns in the Gorski kotar region. The main characters are Kuzma from Izazov krvi, and a new one of Mrkopalj origin. This one is all outlined out and I’ve got the first few scenes written out (unpolished at this time).

Unnamed Izazov krvi sequel, set in early 1874 in the small town of Klana (at the time, an Istrian municipality). Featuring quite a few new characters, and all of the old ones. Since I’m currently writing Brigitte’s tale (which simply couldn’t be forced to wait, in the end), I’m slowly getting quite hyped about this, although there are quite a few kinks to still work out. The outline itself is currently running at 6,5k words, and I do believe the novel itself will surpass the first one in size for quite a few chapters.