8 Weird(ish) Issues With Self-Editing

Self-editing, n. Hitting the keyboard with your head, repeatedly, until one of you gives in. During the Great Edits of the Second Werewolf Novel in 2019, I’ve discovered several things. Obstacles. Issues. #1 I migh be passable as a writer (the jury’s still out), but I’m absolutely horrible as a continuity person. Earlier today I had […]

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Free Fiction: Storm Protocol

Copyright by Vesna Kurilić, 2019. The moment the stormwatch sounded the alarm for the second time in as many days, Luca knew he was fucked. Since the seas around Lassoua never lacked in storms in the long decade since he’d taken over the lighthouse, it wasn’t about him needing more experience. He always kept the […]

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6 + 1 Reasons to Read: Yoon Ha Lee

So, thing is: my partner and I have spent countless hours discussing and (yup) worshipping Yoon Ha Lee‘s amazing The Machineries of Empire series this past winter. Here are just a few of the reasons I think probably everybody over the age of 16 (especially in the sci-fi ranks) should read the series. Now. Before […]

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6 Creative Ways to Avoid Writing

#1 Read something else. From what I see, a great number of writers have the issue that, when faced with a tasty looking book by another writer, we would rather spend some time (preferably hours) with that person’s characters and plots, than play around our own. Even though there’s literally no way for one to […]

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Third Book is a Go!

Must have bullets! Must have bullets! Must have… argh, no. I’m writing this on a bleary Friday morning from my favourite couch in Rijeka, Croatia. It’s the second-to-last day on the week in the year when I tend to get overworked the most (a children’s books festival – fun times). My left knee is out […]

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