11 Tips for Group Cosplay

So, you want to start a cosplay group? Let’s take a look at a few things you might want think about first… #1 Teamup, teamup, teamup! First time I’ve ever worn a sci-fi costume in public was in 2007. First time I’ve ever cosplayed as a part of a cosplay group (personal definition – more […]

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Timetraveling Writer Wolf

Those coming to the blog for the first time in 2017 might be a tiny bit suprised to see all the old content here – after all, I’ve been larping irregularly at best through the last few years – and those coming back after the two-year break might be a bit puzzled when new posts […]

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Got Skirt, Will Interview

A curious thing happened to me recently. I’d applied for a job which suits me a bit better than the one I currently have (for several reasons, biggest of all being co-alpha proximity!) and got an interview slot – for the next day, naturally. And what to I do? I go to my manager, get […]

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