6 + 1 Reasons to Read: Yoon Ha Lee

So, thing is: my partner and I have spent countless hours discussing and (yup) worshipping Yoon Ha Lee‘s amazing The Machineries of Empire series this past winter. Here are just a few of the reasons I think probably everybody over the age of 16 (especially in the sci-fi ranks) should read the series. Now. Before […]

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A Million Generations of Fans

Being late to the party in terms of fandoms can be a tricky thing. What if your favourite (possible) ship has already gone out in a blaze of glory? What if the tumblr side of things has already steered into the acid lakes of hate, flame and basic human indecency? Why would you even dare […]

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Year’s End Favourites – SnW in 2014

The year’s almost gone, celebrating twelve full months of the Skirts’n’Wolves blog! While I prep stuff for the next twelve months (and trust me – you wouldn’t believe me if I told you how frakkin’ much there is to prepare), let’s sit back, relax with a cup of your favourite winter beverage (mine’s currently awesome Turkish coffee – […]

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