8 Weird(ish) Issues With Self-Editing

Self-editing, n. Hitting the keyboard with your head, repeatedly, until one of you gives in. During the Great Edits of the Second Werewolf Novel in 2019, I’ve discovered several things. Obstacles. Issues. #1 I migh be passable as a writer (the jury’s still out), but I’m absolutely horrible as a continuity person. Earlier today I had […]

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6 + 1 Reasons to Read: Yoon Ha Lee

So, thing is: my partner and I have spent countless hours discussing and (yup) worshipping Yoon Ha Lee‘s amazing The Machineries of Empire series this past winter. Here are just a few of the reasons I think probably everybody over the age of 16 (especially in the sci-fi ranks) should read the series. Now. Before […]

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