Recent Releases

Vesnin cover

The Gentleman is a geeky queer romance short story in 4000 words. Get the story!

Decameron 2020 — Priče iz karantene was a project Vesna cooperated on as an editor in Spring 2020, alongside Ana Cerovac and Antonija Mežnarić. The Croatian collection of short stories is available as a free download on Smashwords and Kobo. English edition coming soon!


Izazov krvi is for now available in Croatian only. If you’re looking about info about the book, follow this link (in Croatian) and if you’re interested in having me talk about the book at your local library/bookstore/book café, drop me an e-mail or get in touch via Goodreads. I’m especially fond of book clubs (reading groups) and would be more than happy to attend your club’s meeting if you’re interested.

Get the book! (Croatia only)

Cover photo by Nick Casale on Unsplash.

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