Timetraveling Writer Wolf

Those coming to the blog for the first time in 2017 might be a tiny bit suprised to see all the old content here – after all, I’ve been larping irregularly at best through the last few years – and those coming back after the two-year break might be a bit puzzled when new posts […]

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Ready to Rock and Howl in 2015

The beginning of a year, no matter what the number on the date says, is a time of introspection, obsessive coin counting and great and wonderful plans for the 12 months, 52 weeks, 360+ days ahead. And while people tend to view larping as your regular geek hobby, let me say – larpers are notorious […]

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Year’s End Favourites – SnW in 2014

The year’s almost gone, celebrating twelve full months of the Skirts’n’Wolves blog! While I prep stuff for the next twelve months (and trust me – you wouldn’t believe me if I told you how frakkin’ much there is to prepare), let’s sit back, relax with a cup of your favourite winter beverage (mine’s currently awesome Turkish coffee – […]

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