Skirts’n’Wolves is the official site of Vesna Kurilić, a writer and werewolf loving, skirt-making librarian.

A native and resident of Rijeka, Croatia, she has earned several awards for her writing, most notably three SFERA awards (2012, 2014 and 2018) and one Artefakt (2018).

Izazov krvi, which earned two of the awards, is Vesna’s first novel in print, but the fifth one she’s written (good riddance). It originated as a NaNoWriMo novel in 2012, when Vesna co-coordinated the Croatian region. This planetwide ‘call to arms’ encourages everybody to write a novel in just thirty days, providing moral support, coffee and some of the best writers’ camaraderie out there.

Vesna’s main literary focus is re-claiming local history on behalf of non-binary, queer folks like herself, and making it accessible and identifiable for young(er) readers. She has previously been recognized on a national level in the librarian community for her Page 33, the librarian backstage column.

Her other pursuits include cosplaying with her partner and friends and solving jigsaw puzzles. She dedicates a surreal amount of time to reading fanfiction and queer romance.

Her ukulele project, Random Ukulele Encounter, is a teamup with a geek singer friend from Istria, performing in the hallways at Croatian sci-fi conventions, most notably songs from video games, musicals, fantasy and sci-fi movies and fan songs (“filk”) from all over the world. Watch her ukulele soundtrack medley here!

For tips and tricks on writing, larp and cosplay check out the blog. And while we’re at it, come meet the resident furry (and clawy) writer’s assistants over at instagram.

Author bio / here
Book cover / here
Author photo / here (by Marin Rukavina)
Author photo – in cosplay / here (by Marin Rukavina)

Site header image Ales Krivec on Unsplash.


The contents of the blog—with the exception of fiction—are available under the CC BY-NC 4.0 license, unless where specific authorship was given (the photos are copyrighted by their respective authors, as noted).

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